Wednesday, June 19, 2013

311 ♡

One of my favorite, favorite bands is 311. If you're unfamiliar, familiarize yourself! They just celebrated their 23 years of rocking stages (wow 1990 was their first show, I was 2)! I love their lyrics and unique sound & vocals, & their live shows are always amazing. I've seen them every year since I was a freshman in HS, so 2002-now. Seeing them in a month! =)



I found this wolf spider about a year ago when I was walking back inside from my garage. It was sprawled out bigger than my hand in the crease of the door. I killed him as I kind of had to to get inside and him not. I now keep his little (big) body in a clear box to display him.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


When Molly was a few months old ( around Christmas ) we took her to the Vet to get her shots and heartworm/flea/tick medication and all the goods. There was the cutest little fur ball roaming around like he/she owned the place! I of course took a few pictures when the lil baby came into our exam room. =)

Such a cutie! & since it was December they had the cutest little DOG & CAT ceramic Christmas tree's out. =) I'd like to find them for myself!

Love them! <3 <3 <3
& upon checking out, this little beauty was lounging on the counter. I love Vets!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Went to the cutest little Cuban restaurant with my baby and got the best nachos ever! They were BBQ chicken nachos, & the best nachos of my life. If there is a Cuban place near you and they have chicken nachos, get them.

They cook them in the oven so they are perfect & the Cuban BBQ chicken was all through out and amazzzzzing.

I also got a side of garlic potatoes. I love mashed potatoes and I love garlic so it seemed necessary.

Yummy little meal with my love.



I google'd red headed caterpillars and found out this is an Azalea Caterpillar.
So pretty

Here are some images I found of Azalea caterpillar moths

Just as pretty as a moth as when it's a caterpillar =)