Sunday, April 28, 2013


I did these nails last summer. The design was super easy and I love this color polish. <3


I used: Mood color changing nail polish (from Claires) & tape.

Lay tape onto your nails any which way you like, cutting designs into the tape if desired and then add color! Quick & cute :)

I used PEACEFUL/CONFIDENT (aqua/turqoise) color on the very left, top row. It changes with warm & cold water.
I also have the baby pink which is so pretty.
PHOTO FROM GOOGLE, sorry it's blurry.


I found this Giant Leopard Moth or Eyed Tiger Moth taking a rest under my water hose. I had never seen such a beautiful moth, I had to get some pictures.

I turned the mist on & gave him a drink. He appreciated it.

Beauty is EVERYWHERE <3

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I love Lemons & I happen to have an old one laying around getting older. The skin was hard as a rock & it had shrunk so much I didn't think it was good for anything anymore. Until I remembered the pin I saw on Pinterest of the cutest vase using lemons! Another diy thanks to Pinterest!

This was last summer, so I only have a couple pics.

I'm hating myself now for not taking after pictures of the complete flower arrangement. I was probably so surprised there was actually anything inside my tiny shrunken lemon, haha. I finished it with some beautiful yellow Asiatic Lilies we have in our front yard.
I'll definately be recreating this as soon as they bloom this year, which should be soon. :) It was so simple and the after result was beautiful.
 yellow Asiatic Lilies, photo courtesy of GOOGLE.
All you need for this diy is:  A vase of your liking, another smaller filler vase or in my case I used a shot glass, And whatever you want inside. Just put the smaller vase within the larger vase (obvi) & filler up :)
Here are some pictures from PINTEREST using the "vase within a vase" method.

Mine most resembled this one^ :):)
& More ideas!
Limes with white flowers, so elegant
Wine corks
Holiday fruits (Christmas)
Candies, tulips and eggies (Easter)
Candy corn with Autumn flowers (Halloween)
Pastel tulips & conversation hearts (Valentines)
Red Hots candies & red tulips. So pretty <3
Jelly beans, or any other candy. (Skittles, M&Ms, chocolate covered peanuts!) YUM
I Love this Vase Within A Vase concept! So many endless ideas. PINTEREST strikes again.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I did this last summer.. when I first saw it on PINTEREST. (of course)
It was super easy, super FUN and super cute!

Here are my pics!

Excuse the messy counter. This was a year ago & I forget what I was making. Probably chicken salad, haha. (go-to chicken salad post for recipe)

So pretty & it actually works really well. (minus the tippy tips getting a little crispy after a while)

Just peel it the proper way (as I kindly did-not photograph). Keeping the long wic-like pulp strand in your orange for lighting.. like a wic.
Here are photo's from PINTEREST which are better at explaining.

 I LOVE this DIY! You can personalize it anyway you want. I didn't think about it at the time I made my jagged design in my orange, but you could carve just about anything into your orange peel. Names, flowers, cute phrases, stars, anything!
If you want it to last longer keep an eye on it and refill the oil.
Try it next time you eat an orange!

Friday, April 19, 2013


My babe and I have been making homemade pizza for a while now. =)

All you need is .. Instant pizza dough mix (or make it from scratch if you're really feeling martha-ish), pizza sauce, & toppings. We always use a variety of cheeses, onions, pepperoni, and peppers. I am a pepper-oholic. Red peppers are my favorite and soooo sweet when cooked. Green peppers are good too.

Finished results
I could eat cooked peppers on everything!
This was our first time ever making a pizza at home! It came out yummmy! Don't mind my 20+ year old cookie sheet. We have a pizza stone but I wanted to experiment. & We've used the pizza stone every time since.
Just onions on this one. yum

I swear my cookie sheets don't look this bad (or maybe they do) haha.
Pizza successss


I'm a HUGE fan of ETSY & have a pretty awesome collection of  "future buys" aka my favorites list.
I was lucky enough to come across XENASDAD shop and WOW, it makes me so happy! 
Xenasdad (Fred), he makes the most beautiful handmade seashell jewelry & also the most amazing wood furniture! I'm a collector of many things (mainly shells and rocks) And his seashell collection coffee tables make me swoooon! 

His jewelry is so pretty! I have the Heart shaped pendant made from clam seashell <3
Here are some pics & here's his link >

Descriptions of pieces below

Arrowhead pendant or necklace, clamshell jewelry

Heart shaped pendant made from clam seashell

Seashell earrings with inlaid malachite

Seashell pendant with Lapis Lazuli

Seashell pendants ( Malachite cabochon, Gemstone, Marble cone shell, & Lapis Lazuli )

                                                      Seashell necklace with malachite cabochon

                                                 Clam seashell pendant & wampum earrings and pendant (top)

Custom handmade cone sea shell bracelet

Seashell Pendant made from letter/alphabet cone shell

                                                     Seashell earrings made of marble cone shell

Earrings made from the Alphabet or Letter Cone Shell. Hand cut and shaped, light weight, silver wires, with creamy white backs

seashell earrings made from the marble cone

seashell earrings made from the mitra mitra
& Seashell collection coffee tables! (hearts in eyes)

All pictures, jewelry and tables from XENASDAD shop on ETSY. (Artful furniture, unusual seashell art and jewelry)