Monday, April 15, 2013


I Love my Mom sooo much <3
So last MOTHER'S DAY I got crafty and made my mom a cute little tree-like branch centerpiece with delicate tissue paper flowers all over it. I basically just wanted to make something cute to stand out on the counter where I was going to leave her gifts.

There's alot of similar idea's or (Pins) on Pinterest... and that's where I got some help with the paper flower making. It was a very time consuming process, but after making what felt like thousands of flowers I got a rhythm going.

My Mom's never been a big fan of real flower's. She thinks they die too fast and are a waste of money. I kind of agree but I dry ALL my flowers so if they're givin to someone like myself it's never a waste. :)
Hand-made gifts are her favorite's
The pictures don't do it justice, But she loved it! I used branches from the cherry blossom tree in our yard. (They have such a pretty color and sheen)  Then wire wrapped them to a silver branch jewelry stand, trying to make it even with branches on both sides.
Then came the flower making...

Like I said, it was very time consuming and at times frustrating if you're a perfectionist like I am. I wanted them as life-like and real looking as possible. So I threw away tons.

I was going to stick with pink flowers only but I had so many bright colors. I made some bigger yellow flowers in a different shape and some tiny blue flowers the same style as the pinks. I used regular old christmas/birthday style tissue paper...

I also spelt out I <3 you in shells .. I have thousands so why not

The final touches were Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial PocketBac's in Japanese Cherry Blossom (My fav) & Vampire blood plum (from the Halloween 2012 collection). An extremely mushy card, and Bath & Body Works 14.5oz FROSTED CUPCAKE candle.

White chocolate Lindt balls, (our fav) And the Tangerine EOS medicated lip balm. I gave her the yellow Lemon drop EOS ball last summer and she used it down to nothing! It's literally flat and she still tries to use it obsessively.
The Lemon is the only one with SPF in it sadly. (SPF 15 to be exact)

                                                                       She was so happy =)

Here are some of the Pinterest pins I used for help with the flower making. (NONE OF THESE PHOTOS ARE MINE) As I stated when using the words Pinterest pins. ;)

Also after making mine I found some pins of centerpieces with paper flowers.. some were cuter than mine but o well now I know.

paper techniques

And branch centerpieces

^ I love this one !  & the cupcakes idea was so CUTE I had to throw it in there. =)
I don't know who originally pinned any of these photos minus the 1 tagged photo. But great and inspiring stuff! Pinterest never fails!
Wonder what i'll come up with for this coming up MOTHER'S DAY ..

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