Friday, April 19, 2013


My babe and I have been making homemade pizza for a while now. =)

All you need is .. Instant pizza dough mix (or make it from scratch if you're really feeling martha-ish), pizza sauce, & toppings. We always use a variety of cheeses, onions, pepperoni, and peppers. I am a pepper-oholic. Red peppers are my favorite and soooo sweet when cooked. Green peppers are good too.

Finished results
I could eat cooked peppers on everything!
This was our first time ever making a pizza at home! It came out yummmy! Don't mind my 20+ year old cookie sheet. We have a pizza stone but I wanted to experiment. & We've used the pizza stone every time since.
Just onions on this one. yum

I swear my cookie sheets don't look this bad (or maybe they do) haha.
Pizza successss

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