Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I met the HUGEST dog EVER!

I've seen big Great Dane's and big Poodles even (yes poodles) around my neighborhood before but nothing compared to the girth of this big baby!

My boyfriend and I went by a friend's house a few weeks ago and got a BIG surprise..

 Just look at his head compared to the arm of the couch!
His head is enormous!!
I was kind of shocked by it when I first saw him, it's amazing.

He's a Bullmastiff, & sweet as pie!
Just turned 3 a week ago.

He's so loving and sweet! & His head felt like velvet.
We've seen him a hand full of times since first meeting him, and I fall in love everytime.
I want him!

He didn't want to sit still after we got there, so I didn't get any other good full size shots.
 He kept trying to sit on my lap the whole time, and failing since he's bigger than me :) :)

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