Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hope everyone had a great EASTER :)

This was my first year EVER not dying eggs! & I deeply deeply missed it!

I don't have kids of my own yet but I love dying eggs (who doesn't).
I'll usually make deviled eggs the day after with my creations but I just forgot to pick up a dye kit this year.  grrrr

Still had an awesome EASTER :)
Went to a cookout at my Boyfriend's parent's house with his family. (No pics unfortunately) Lots of food and youngsters.
He has 6 nieces and nephews, 3 girls/3 boys. Never a dull moment!

Here's some pic's of my EASTER snacks

Look like real dyed eggs in a carton don't they!

  I was so happy when I went to the Dollar Tree for some candy and found my childhood Easter basket FAV, Bubble gum eggs!


Still pretty tasty and super cute! My boyfriend actually found them so i'll give him some credit :) I was very pleased

                            Blow pops too! Aren't they on everyone's Dollar Tree list?

My Boyfriend's Mom is always crafting and coming up with cute ideas. (she's the originial Pinterest)
She's always got something cute for every holiday.
She got these jello molds that make a bunch of tiny tiny eggs and made a bunch of flavors for the kids.
Last year she made the big eggs like a normal actual size egg made of jello and the kids would take a few bites and be done with it. So these bite size eggs were perfect!
I'm not a big jello eater so these little eggs were perfect for me too. :)
Orange was orange, Blue blueberry, Purple grape, Red cherry, and Green lime
She made a ton of each flavor! Cherry's the biggest hit (as you can see)

                      My Mom brought us some cupcakes! :) Like we really needed more sugar!

 I ate a vanilla one first!

The BF's Mom also made these cute little bunny sugar cookies!

That's it for the treats, as far as pictures go
Hope everyone's EASTER was as enjoyable as mine was. :)
My EASTER Bunny!




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