Friday, April 19, 2013


I'm a HUGE fan of ETSY & have a pretty awesome collection of  "future buys" aka my favorites list.
I was lucky enough to come across XENASDAD shop and WOW, it makes me so happy! 
Xenasdad (Fred), he makes the most beautiful handmade seashell jewelry & also the most amazing wood furniture! I'm a collector of many things (mainly shells and rocks) And his seashell collection coffee tables make me swoooon! 

His jewelry is so pretty! I have the Heart shaped pendant made from clam seashell <3
Here are some pics & here's his link >

Descriptions of pieces below

Arrowhead pendant or necklace, clamshell jewelry

Heart shaped pendant made from clam seashell

Seashell earrings with inlaid malachite

Seashell pendant with Lapis Lazuli

Seashell pendants ( Malachite cabochon, Gemstone, Marble cone shell, & Lapis Lazuli )

                                                      Seashell necklace with malachite cabochon

                                                 Clam seashell pendant & wampum earrings and pendant (top)

Custom handmade cone sea shell bracelet

Seashell Pendant made from letter/alphabet cone shell

                                                     Seashell earrings made of marble cone shell

Earrings made from the Alphabet or Letter Cone Shell. Hand cut and shaped, light weight, silver wires, with creamy white backs

seashell earrings made from the marble cone

seashell earrings made from the mitra mitra
& Seashell collection coffee tables! (hearts in eyes)

All pictures, jewelry and tables from XENASDAD shop on ETSY. (Artful furniture, unusual seashell art and jewelry) 


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