Thursday, April 25, 2013


I love Lemons & I happen to have an old one laying around getting older. The skin was hard as a rock & it had shrunk so much I didn't think it was good for anything anymore. Until I remembered the pin I saw on Pinterest of the cutest vase using lemons! Another diy thanks to Pinterest!

This was last summer, so I only have a couple pics.

I'm hating myself now for not taking after pictures of the complete flower arrangement. I was probably so surprised there was actually anything inside my tiny shrunken lemon, haha. I finished it with some beautiful yellow Asiatic Lilies we have in our front yard.
I'll definately be recreating this as soon as they bloom this year, which should be soon. :) It was so simple and the after result was beautiful.
 yellow Asiatic Lilies, photo courtesy of GOOGLE.
All you need for this diy is:  A vase of your liking, another smaller filler vase or in my case I used a shot glass, And whatever you want inside. Just put the smaller vase within the larger vase (obvi) & filler up :)
Here are some pictures from PINTEREST using the "vase within a vase" method.

Mine most resembled this one^ :):)
& More ideas!
Limes with white flowers, so elegant
Wine corks
Holiday fruits (Christmas)
Candies, tulips and eggies (Easter)
Candy corn with Autumn flowers (Halloween)
Pastel tulips & conversation hearts (Valentines)
Red Hots candies & red tulips. So pretty <3
Jelly beans, or any other candy. (Skittles, M&Ms, chocolate covered peanuts!) YUM
I Love this Vase Within A Vase concept! So many endless ideas. PINTEREST strikes again.

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