Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I did this last summer.. when I first saw it on PINTEREST. (of course)
It was super easy, super FUN and super cute!

Here are my pics!

Excuse the messy counter. This was a year ago & I forget what I was making. Probably chicken salad, haha. (go-to chicken salad post for recipe)

So pretty & it actually works really well. (minus the tippy tips getting a little crispy after a while)

Just peel it the proper way (as I kindly did-not photograph). Keeping the long wic-like pulp strand in your orange for lighting.. like a wic.
Here are photo's from PINTEREST which are better at explaining.

 I LOVE this DIY! You can personalize it anyway you want. I didn't think about it at the time I made my jagged design in my orange, but you could carve just about anything into your orange peel. Names, flowers, cute phrases, stars, anything!
If you want it to last longer keep an eye on it and refill the oil.
Try it next time you eat an orange!

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