Tuesday, March 26, 2013


CALI is my (not quit sure how old) tortoiseshell cat. I originially thought she was just a calico cat (hence why we call her Cali) until I googled more about cat colors and patterns and found out she was a tortoiseshell.  She's the sweetest, friendliest, gentlest, most loving cat in the world. & That's a fact!

She's been in our family for atleast around 10 years now. She was left by old neighbors of ours years and years ago when they moved. I don't know what kind of people move and leave a beautiful DECLAWED gentle cat like CALI outside with no food water or shelter. Luckily I had been secretly calling her over to feed her for months before they left.  I was blown away when I saw them pack up their children and drive away without her. Some people just shouldn't own animals.

I am so lucky to have her. She is a doll! Never have I heard or seen her hiss, or be in a bad mood. She just talks constantly, meowing and trying to show you love. My Mom's never been a cat person, but she lovesss Cali. Everyone who meets her does. She brightens up my life :)


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