Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So after driving hours to D.C to visit my wonderful family for THANKSGIVING dinner I didn't get a single picture of the food! (Which is so not like me) But I did get tons of useless pictures on the ride there and old family pictures while there. So here they are, enjoy :)

                                                                      Hampton Coliseum


T-REX! (fake of course) @ Kings Dominion

                                                                                 Field of horses

Crossing the Potomac River

                                                   My parents old middle school they both attended

Stopped by my Dad's parents house before dinner at my Mom's parents.
 My Aunt was there with her dog Moby :) He's a sweetie.

                            I hate to post, but I was shocked when we hit traffic and I was stuck face to face with this.
                                      I'd never seen a deer strapped to a car before. And I hope never again.

My Gram just had these glass shelves put in, so I took a picture :)

           My Gram is 1 of 12 children. One of her brothers painted this for her. I was amazed by the detail. Everyone kept laughing at me taking pictures of everything in her house! This is Amazing! Oil on canvas.

My Grams cute little guest room. She lives in a highrise condo in Washington D.C. You wouldn't believe the size of this place!
  The dining room after dinner. Pink tablecloth and matching napkins. My Gram knows how to set a table!

Picture of my Mom, Babette when she was little

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